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December 2018

BSS, München 01.–02.12.2018
DWG, Wiesbaden 06.–08.12.2018
AO, Davos 03.–14.12.2018
ECC, St. Gallen 03.–06.12.2018
ISDS, Wien 12.–15.12.2018

We are expanding!

„We love to grow. We grow by loving“. Carl Hilty

And we here at Public Address love exhibition design & stand construction, and have some exciting news we would like to share with you!

We are currently expanding our warehouse in Hochheim by adding an additional 1,300 sq. meters of space!

This will allow us to not only improve our workflow but also offer more storage capacity to our all important customer.

We are also very happy to announce that we will soon be welcoming two of our long lasting creative partners to join us here at the Public Address premises.

King Size, an amazing printing and production company who offers high quality large format printing, will relocate their offices and equipment into our warehouse this summer.

Thomas Breen (Create & More http://www.create-and-more.de), creative artist and modeler extraordinaire who builds, imagines and realizes our bespoke concepts and brings the designs to life, will join us at the beginning of June.

We look forward to having so much expertise, experience and synergy under one roof!

We have a lot more projects and excitement waiting in the wings! Please stay tuned…

Overview 2017

Our anniversary party - What a spectacle! - June 2017


A big thank you to our guests, who weren’t hindered by the bad weather but instead created a wonderful atmosphere!

THANKS to our employees who made the party possible.

THANKS to Sinfonie-Revival and TimsDepartment for the fantastic music.

THANKS to Neustadt-Eis and the butcher Köppl from Mainz for the culinary catering.

THANKS to all of our helpers!

THANKS to all of you for making 25 years of Public Address possible! We are happy to have such a great team and great partners all around us!

#AnniversaryParty #Thankful #Happy #GreatTeam


Euroshop Düsseldorf 2017


Do you want to join in on the action with Public Address? Then come and join us at our stand next year at the Euroshop 2017 in Düsseldorf!

We will be waiting there for you to share our innovative ideas, creativity and a few surprises too!


25 years of Public Address! - March 2017


We look back upon our last 25 wonderful years! We would like to thank our staff, customers, suppliers & partners without whom all of this would not be possible!

We are already looking forward to the next 25 years.


Because our environment is important to us... - May 2016

...we built our new office mainly from wood construction which therefore extracted 66 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere.

Did you know? Through photosynthesis carbine dioxide (CO2) is split, carbon (C) is stored in the wood and the oxygen (O2) rises into the atmosphere. The use of wood acts as a climate protector by permanently extracting any greenhouse-gases.

You can find more info here:

"A happy customer leads to happy employees" - April 2016

This was our motto during the build-up for the DGK congress in Mannheim as we worked enthusiastically and passionately for our customers. Even after three long hard days of work, we still continue to laugh and have fun.

And we are looking forward to next year!

Public Address Inauguration Party

On the 10th of December 2015 it began: We inaugurated our new home with a festive Christmas party in Hochheim am Main, with more than a 180 guests joining in on the celebration. We enjoyed music and food under the warm arms of the Christmas tree with “Tim’s Department“ and “No Chance“ creating the atmosphere and local delicacies were served by Currymanufaktur (Wiesbaden), the Burrito-Bande (Frankfurt) and the Neustadteis N’Eis (Mainz). All of the kids were entertained inside by baking Christmas cookies and making crafts. We raised 1.500 Euro in donations for the Hochheimer Antoniushaus, with which we were able to purchase iPads for the children! And we thank everyone for their charitable contributions.