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Our Team

The secret of Public Address's extraordinary success is the wide range of well qualified, in-house specialists. The team consists of experts in architecture, design, engineering and logistics who have competency in their own fields. Over the years, Public Address has developed an extensive network of world-class tradesmen and is therefore capable of producing the highest quality of work at a competitive price.

Christina Achenbach
Torsten Block
Benjamin Boland
Burkhard Broser
Thomas Christmann
Bernd Dwoinikow
Frank Eichenberg
Tim Fischer
Michael Fuchs
Eugen Hohlfinger
Daniel Holste
Tom Kaden
Hannah Kilic
Kai Kreling
Damian Kruppa
Kirsten Laermann
Marvin Lauter
Nicole Lesniewski
Max Matthias
Markus Oehme
Ronald Santos
Dominik Schmidt
Thomas Strehle
Jennifer Volz
Sigrun Wächter
Rainer Wagner
Julian Wocker
Romina Wolf
Marija Zilic